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Europroject specializes in providing professional equipment for paint application companies and in providing solutions for the preparation and painting of any type of surface. Thanks to more than 18 years of experience, working with every type of business, we have developed the best approach to partner with our clients and customers. This covers the entire spectrum of complex issues faced by today’s paint application companies: from process design to choice and delivery of materials; from equipment selection and testing to the establishment of testing protocols; from efficiency and profitability evaluation to training programs for all levels of employees. Europroject is more than a supplier, more even than a consultancy company – Europroject is your business partner!

Europroject is the leading specialist in the world of preparation and coatings – whatever the type of substrate or system employed: Auto / Commercial refinish and production of commercial and cargo transport; Industrial coatings from light metal work to pipes and specialist applications; Wood Coatings both internal and external, and the furniture industry; Architectural, decorative and construction coatings. Whatever the sector, Europroject’s professional team of industry experts work on a long-term mutually beneficial basis, designed to improve both process efficiency and profitability. Our team create programs specific to the needs of our clients focusing time and energy on improving profitability, developing business and providing technical solutions supported by full training programs.

The implementation of any Europroject program is seen through to its successful conclusion. We then follow up in the areas of Quality Control, Health and Safety and Key Performance Indicators, implementing practical tools that ensure excellent standards are maintained going forward.