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Architectural coatings

Coatings for the architectural and construction segment is distinguished by the variety of consumer groups (large and medium construction organizations, construction and repairing teams, architectural companies, design studios) and a truly limitless range of coatings – paint and materials for exterior and interior jobs, decorative materials for the creation of unique effects, systems for surface protection, and materials for the fulfillment of specific tasks.

A top priority in working within the Architectural and Decorative sector is eco-friendly products and systems and compliance with strict safety and environmental protection requirements. All products and systems supplied by Europroject are certified or tested to the highest standards to ensure compliance at all levels. Europroject’s huge range makes it possible to work with a large variety of surfaces, many different quality requirements, in a cost effective way, and according to individual architectural and decorative specifications.

A full range of training programs are carried out at our dedicated facilities covering all of the products we sell, the surfaces over which they are applied, the application techniques that can be used and including special decorative effects. Painters taking these courses receive certification for the techniques they learn and can eventually qualify as “Master Painters”