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Technologies and systems for industrial wood coatings

Preparation and painting of wood surfaces – furniture, doors, or windows – is an unconventional task and a multitude of different factors must be taken into consideration in order to provide an optimum solution. That is why we adhere to the principle of individual selection and testing of coatings systems and equipment for each enterprise. Qualified technologists will prepare an optimal offer for materials and equipment, conduct product demonstrations, help to customize paint lines, find solutions to color requirements, and achieve a consistently high quality of finished product.

Ongoing technological support helps to react quickly to the changing goals of our partners and to offer them the newest materials and technologies. This is a proactive process – we don’t wait until our clients have a problem or make a demand – we constantly seek the best solutions for their developing business requirements and present them with a detailed analysis of the positive impact on their output.

Our outstanding logistics platform which is designed to be as flexible as possible, was established by drawing on many years’ experience of work with the largest woodworking and furniture enterprises, and it guarantees a regular and on-time delivery of product, meeting the clients requirements and using the most convenient form of delivery.

Alongside the highest-quality coatings systems in both solvent and waterborne technologies, we offer application equipment designed to be environmentally friendly and yet incredibly efficient. This ensures not only the highest quality finish on the products coated, but guarantees outstanding durability, low environmental impact and reduced costs. Our team of technicians are also able to provide advice on special effects that can be used to enhance the desirability of the finished item, often working with a clients’ designers to offer new and exciting techniques.